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Epicenter Advertising
Epicenter Advertising, a Southern California (San Diego / Los Angeles) based advertising agency & web design firm, is a new breed of electronic media marketing agency. We combine the left-brain, research driven strategy with the right-brain, creative execution. Epicenter Advertising creates marketing programs that work! A spark of innovation tempered with the wisdom of experience Epicenter creates advertising that not only screams for attention, but more importantly, provokes a response...Marketing that works!

Epicenter is a full-service agency & web design firm serving local, national and international organizations. Epicenter is experienced in all aspects of advertising, graphic design, and marketing for established companies as well as start-ups. Our expertise is making an emotional connection between your products or services and your potential customers through unique and innovative branding, e-marketing, graphic design, copywriting, web site development, media planning, media buying, logo development, corporate identity, name development, product packaging, strategic planning and internet advertising, TV commercials, and radio commercials
Company InfoLogo
Firm Founded: 2000
No. of People: 5-9
No. of Locations: 2
Epicenter Advertising
- Web Design
- Print Design
- Multimedia
- Promotion
- Marketing
- Banner Design
- Branding
- Identity
- Naming
- E-marketing
- Radio
- TV
- Research/Focus Group Testing
- Consultation
- Media Placement
- Internets
- Intranets
- Extranets
- Dynamic Sites
- Site Re-Designs
- E-Commerce
- E-Learning
- Dynamic Sites
- Search Engine Optimization
- Database Integration
- Corporate Identity
- Online Games
- Branding
- Copywriting
- Flash Presentations
- Animation
- Information Architecture
- Accessibility
- Web Standards
- Usability Testing
- Illustration
- Photography
- Video Production
- DVD/CD-ROM Production
- Kiosks
- Audio Production
- Web Strategy
- Internet Marketing
- Project Management
- Perl
- Javascript
- Java
- Flash
- Shockwave
- QuickTime
- QuickTime VR
- RealMedia
- Windows Media
- Apache Server
- Netscape Server
- WebSphere
- Access
- Cold Fusion
Native Language: English
Other Languages:
Contact InfoSelected Projects
Name: Jeffrey Detrick
Phone: (858) 909-0855
Fax: (858) 909-0815
6540 Lusk Blvd. #C263
San Diego, CA
USA 92121
Special Offers
Call for a FREE copy of our BRANDING SURVEY. Designed to help businesses gather information and strategize on the marketing positioning of their company or product.
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